Even though the real dog days of summer haven’t hit just yet, it still helps to know where the cool, sweet spots are around the neighborhood. 

If you haven’t discovered these points yet – and even if you have – enjoying them may just yield some of your finest moments this summer, and beyond. 

Malaga Cove Ranch Market, Palos Verdes Estates

Their dog-friendly patio is the perfect place to enjoy an excellent meal and cool beverage, read, write, or to simply just be, watching people and life move by. There is generally a cool breeze from morning til night, and weekdays they are open until 7pm.

Miramar / Dolphin Park, Torrance Beach

Maybe one of the Beach Cities’ best-kept secrets, it’s a fantastic point for an evening picnic as the sun sets with its trees, cool lawn, and ocean breezes. Even after dark, it’s still a safe, peaceful spot to chill out and relax.

Promenade on the Peninsula, Rancho Palos Verdes

This is like hitting the mother lode for places cool  – air-conditioned shops and restaurants, a fountain for children to romp through, and the Promenade Ice Chalet (always very cool/cold in there). The Regal Promenade theatre complex features the latest films and plush seating, for perfect summer relaxation.

Local libraries

While you’re there, study a new language with online programs, slow down and read a few interesting – maybe international – magazines, and inquire about/get an LA County library card (Manhattan and Hermosa Beach) so that you can check out thousands of  e-books and educational courses in the future. 

Bonus tip

Your air-conditioned car. Just drive somewhere you’ve never been, maybe somewhere with cooler temps! Be sure to bring one or all of these - your camera, journal, sketchpad. Plan to find something exciting and worth remembering!