There is an air of fresh optimism that arrives in spring! Considered the prime time of year to sell (and buy) a home, the following are a few good reasons why that is so.

The weather is brighter and, better.

Now is the right weather, and the right time to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Colorful plants and flowering beds and boxes alongside a healthy green lawn if you have one, make a fantastic first impression to potential buyers. Natural sunlight streaming in windows lets your home shine its best light. Spring weather is also a favorable time to do any annual maintenance and repairs, indoors and out.

Longer, sunnier days make for more pleasant home shopping.

Brighter days inspire buyers to feel more positive about looking for their perfect new home. Fresh springtime air now brings many potential buyers your way, who were less inclined to go out and look for homes during winter’s inclement weather. More eager buyers improve the chances of your receiving a desirable offer for your home.

Many families want to move before the new school year.

Life can be much easier for families to move to a new home before summer. Children, parents and even pets, can have a couple of months to adjust to their new neighborhood before the new school session begins. Unpacking and getting settled in during the summer is preferable to doing so when carpools, school activities, and autumn chills are in full swing.

More buyers available can allow you to selectively choose the new owner.

In the spring there is an increase of buyers’ demand, so you do not need to take the first offer, and can remain firm on your price. You can also be more selective about who you wish to be the next owner of your beloved home. During this season, it’s also likely that you will receive at least one all-cash offer, which could speed up the entire selling process and deal-closing.

It makes things easier for *you* to move.

It is likely that you (and your family) are planning to buy and move to a new home yourself. With more convenient and agreeable weather, you also have longer days to arrange home showings, do your own house-hunting, and make clearer decisions through it all. With higher demand for buyers, chances are greater that you’ll sell your home quickly and for a better price than later in the year.