Preparing and staging a home for sale is a very important component of The Hartley Team’s Marketing. It is extremely important that buyers perceive a very positive first impression of a home.

Staging helps buyers to visualize themselves living in the home, rather than living in someone else’s home. It also helps them to clearly see the function of each room.

We work personally with sellers to confirm an understanding of what will take place to prep their home for sale, and walk them through the necessary steps required. Clients trust that our expertise allows us to see spaces with eyes of a buyer, and that we can accurately anticipate how they will feel as they look at each room.

We recommend that all rooms be mostly cleared out of furniture and bulky items. It’s also important that family signatures such as photo displays, collections, children’s toys, and even kitchen counter items be stored away. This will help buyers to picture how and where their own furniture and pieces will fit in the home.

Heavy lighting fixtures and old window coverings are removed so that the home appears lighter. Before showings, all blinds and curtains will be open and all lights will be turned on to make the home feel warmer and more welcoming, and appear larger. 

A deep cleaning of all rooms in the home is necessary to both make it shine, and show that is has been well-maintained. 

Once clearing, lightening, and cleaning are completed, the staging process takes place. We bring in carefully chosen furniture and accessories to highlight the home’s best features. Typically we under furnish each room so that the buyer can see the house rather than an overstock of things.

The living room, dining room, master bedroom, and kitchen are the most important rooms to focus on. Other smaller rooms in the home do well to be clear of furnishings, as buyers may wish to imagine a home office, yoga studio, or craft room in those spaces.

Great Staging does an Agent’s work for them. Listings staged by The Hartley Team have sold within a matter of days, we have the requisite experience to make this happen. 

Thinking of selling your home? We’re here to help with each step of the process - call us today to get started and for a free staging consultation.