Mental health is a universal issue and many struggle with depression, anxiety, and low energy when days become shorter in fall and winter.

It’s possible to improve your home environment in ways that noticeably do wonders for your mental health. If there’s a chance you’ll be selling your home in the near future, the following projects will also make your space shine and look its best during showings.

Pare down your stuff. It is said that a cluttered home is a reflection of a cluttered mind and, it is not necessary to slay this entire dragon in one fell swoop. Start small, in the room where you spend the most time; move to other rooms one at a time. Have a trusted family member or friend help you, and allow them to be your voice of reason regarding what to keep and what to toss; their gift to you will be priceless.

Go a little bit green. When you add plants and greenery to your space, you literally make it come alive. Feng shui and mental health experts usually recommend having living things in a home. Plants improve air quality, boost spirits, and add beauty to remind that life is good. Even a bowl of fresh oranges or lemons on a table is great idea to add brightness and warmth. You probably know at least one person who would love to help enliven your home; ask them for help.

Opt for affordable, manageable renovations. Any project undertaken with intention to brighten your space - improving windows, window coverings, updated cushions/pillows on furniture, lighting – will be worth the investment of time and materials. Consider DIY if you’re so inclined or ask for referrals for professionals.

Ask for help with any and all of the above, and trust that you will connect with the right sources. One of the first steps in improving mental health is to know that you are not alone. Let that inspire you to courageously reach out for the help you are seeking.

If you’re looking to sell your home, we would like to assist you through every step of the process. Please reach out to us today, we’re ready when you are.