Everyone is spending more time at home and many would like to enjoy more expansive quarters to live, work, and just be. If you’re looking for new and creative ways to live large in limited space, here are a few fashionable home design trends that create space in innovative ways.

Pocket glass doors. These are glass panels that slide into a wall pocket for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Gone are the swinging doors that take up valuable space.

Intelligent  Movement.  When ceilings are high, cabinets (and their goods) are difficult to reach. iMove shelves are a fantastic solution. Grabbing the handle at the bottom to gently pull the shelves glide downward allows easy access to cabinet contents. 

Roll out the Pantry. Now that so many more people are spending more time in the kitchen, a dedicated pantry is high on wish-lists. Consider tucking a six-foot-tall roll-out pantry into cabinetry. Increase storage and easy access with pull-out drawers built into cupboards. 

Floating bathroom fixtures are a growing trend; they are attached to the wall, creating space beneath. It’s a dramatic floating in midair look that is practical and also makes bathroom cleaning easier. 

Floating bedroom furniture.is equally trendy. Beds, night tables, shelves are all attached to the wall behind them and consume no floor space.

All things floating create floor space that may be used for storage or design purposes.

Mirror on the wall. Reports indicate that equipment has been running at very low inventory/selling out with backordering, for home gyms and workouts. A nice healthy antidote to a cumbersome exercise room is The Mirror. It takes up less than 2 feet of wall space for the perfect cardio class, yoga studio, boxing ring, personal trainer and then some - all for a well-priced monthly charge.