After spending so much time at home throughout this pandemic season, many are wondering if a move could improve their quality of life, especially that of their mental health and well-being.

A New York University study has shown that new experiences impact happiness. It mentions that with more variety in their daily routines, going to novel places, and having a wider array of experiences, people feel happier.

Many have said that COVID-19 had a significant influence on their decision to move in 2020. The top reasons cited are improved personal/family well-being, being closer to extended family, remote work, and the desire for a lifestyle change. 

For those wondering if in fact moving could boost their happiness factor, the weather factor and choice of city, suburbs, or rural are important considerations right now. 

The World Population Review has ranked states with the best weather. Those looking for a new location and lifestyle will wish to consider what climate and weather patterns make them feel most joyful. (Spoiler alert: California is No. 1 of 50 states.)

With remote work being a new reality for many households, the desire for more space – indoors and especially outdoors – has motivated families to seek homes outside city limits. Some desire more quiet. Others prefer city life in general, so now may be the right time for everyone to find their own version of the perfect haven. 

This is a brand-new year of new beginnings. If a move toward more happiness is on your wish list, let’s talk about your goals and options in today’s market.


Image by s-wloczyk2 from Pixabay