A typical autumn in the South Bay can equal a bonus extension of summer. Still, days are shorter, evenings and mornings are cooler so at least fall is in the air. 

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3. Now is the time to complete a few more items on October’s home checklist, in order to meet winter well-prepared. 

Rake leaves into bags or add to compost piling.

Trim dead tree limbs, which can be a safety hazard in heavy rains. Have a professional service trim and manicure large trees.

Maintain gutters and downspouts. If your landscaping has these, have them cleaned and inspected for cracks and loose parts. Make repairs accordingly.

Check home safety monitors. Change batteries/maintain smoke and safety devices (including fire extinguishers) as needed.

Cover outdoor furniture and grills and shelter them if possible. It’s best to have pieces protected from frost and rain. Even though you may use the grill year-round, a sturdy cover will protect its finish and shield the unit in inclement weather.

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