This is a lively, bright, and sunny summer with some traveling far and wide, as an antidote to nearly 18 months of off-and-on lockdown. Others will likely be enjoying shorter getaways closer to home.

Did you know that some new home interior trends are timed accordingly and actually have an “escape” theme of sorts? Have a look at these decorating ideas that strive to yield an exotic, faraway feeling.

The Global Traveler trend brings both culture and comfort to any space. Combining natural textures, woven finishes, and earthly color palettes allow us to embrace global influences and are growing in popularity. For instance, Aztec-woven patterns inspired by Peruvian landscapes can replicate the extraordinary textures of Macchu Picchu … while travelers perhaps wait a while longer to visit this iconic landmark in person.

Japandi celebrates the wonders, design, and gorgeous color schemes of Japan with a nod to Scandinavian minimalism. A typical scheme is opulent fabrics like jacquards combined with watercolor foliage and origami-inspired geometrics. This exotic trend offers calming neutrals and warm-spiced shades, for an interior space that evokes harmony and serenity.

Cottagecore has been at the forefront of 2021 interiors, as a direct result of arts-and-crafts’ serious revival in 2020. Whimsical and nostalgic, this cozy home décor mixes pieces like tapestries with sheer drapes, antiques, and contemporary color schemes. The idea is to create living spaces that feel comforting and nurturing, when the desire to escape from the outside world strikes.

Urban Jungle is said to be very much in at the moment. Think prowling tigers and vivid images of wildlife as part of deep, expressive rich color schemes with dense leaves and tropical vistas. When the home is connected with nature via the safari, striking statements and memorable talking points are inevitable.

Responsible fabrics continue as the go-to trend of those passionate about things green. Fabrics that are made with organic cotton and recycled polyester reduce chemicals in production and decrease the amount of trashed plastic. Many people are going green as a home theme in general, while still wanting to indulge in luxury. Kitchen, bath, and bedroom pieces that are stylish and on-trend are making that popular choice easier all the time.

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Urban Jungle photo courtesy of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK